HomePower 2: Backup Battery Power Station


The HomePower 2 backup battery power station is the first emergency power supply designed specifically for the modern home. Turn it on, plug in, and you have power.

HomePower 2 backup battery power station

Product Features:

  • Supports 99% of Home Appliances with High-Power Outpuat
  • High Compatibility with 9 Simultaneous Outputs
  • Up to 7 Days of Essential Power
  • Continuous Coverage Enabled by Ultra-Fast Recharge
  • 30-second Hassle-Free Setup
  • Reliably Safe with a 5-Year Warranty

Product Benefits:

With an emergency power supply lasting up to 7 days, Generark is the reliable source of energy you can count on when disaster strikes by keeping vital home appliances and devices running without interruption. It also powers critical medical devices, power tools, and communication devices to stay connected during a power outage and time of recovery after disaster strikes.

Product Availability:

The product is available for $2,599 at: https://generark.com/products/homepower

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